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What is Java?

Java is a object orientated programming language developed and owned by Sun Microsystems, that was bought by Oracle in January 2010. The Java Virtual Machine lets you write code that you can run on Windows, Linux, Mac and a lot of other architectures. Java is one of the most popular programming languages at the moment. One of the cornerstones of Java is the excessive use of object orientation. Java is not Javascript! Javascript is a script language that is heavily used in modern websites to create interactive applications.

Java Integrated Development Environment

You can write Java in every text/notepad program you want, but if you want to have special features, you shouldt use a Java IDE (Integrated Development Environment), that helps you with your work. There are a lot of IDE out there. It's like choosing a car. You have to test drive and then choose what you like. I'm using Eclipse and Netbeans, but you should test before you choose one. Just google "java ide".

Where can i download Java?

You need the runtime for your platform. You can get it on the java.com website.

Java Hello World

The first you normally build with a new programming language is the hello world program, that only outputs "hello world".

public class helloworld {
	public static void main(String[] args) {
		System.out.println("hello world");

The source files must be named after the public class they contain and you have to add a .java behind it (helloworld.java). After you compiled it, you get a helloworld.class file, that can be executed. If you have classes that are not public, you can put them into .java files.

Example: Expired Domains

I personally like Java very much and if you combine it with a web development language like php, you can create very nice websites. One of my current projects is a Expired Domains Search Engine. I use Java for the hard stuff like parsing Pending Delete Drop Lists and Checking if the Domain is still free to register, but for the frontend i use a simple PHP Framework. Finding Expired Domains is not that difficult and with the use of Java it is even easier. Just check it out if you like.

Example: Schuhe Online

Another project I'm currently working on is a product search engine and listing service. It aggregates product lists and product data available via apis, combines everything together and makes it accessible for visitors. With that you can look through the offered products of multiple shops on one website. It works for a multitude of different types of products. One example is Schuhe Online that focuses on the online shoe market in germany. The heavy lifting for this project is done using Java and the frontend part is done using PHP. Again both languages work very well together.